SCDM looks back to over 12 years history of data management in the financial sector. With our staff of over 140 experts we are processing any kind of financial documents. Our unwavering dedication to highest quality with unmatched speed, paired with our strong software engineering background has led to the development of the most advanced data extraction software in the market. Besides our internal use of data management we are offering a customized service to best meet each clients individual needs.


Data management starts with timely data collection. SCDM has developed an internal collection management application - Radar - helping us staying on top of collecting documents from different sources as soon as they are published.


S-400 is a semi-automated, web based and touch screen enabled data extraction tool with an integrated quality assurance mechanism. Documents ready for processing are added to S-400, where they are processed by our financial analysts. The application gathers all fields that have to be processed and tries to fill them automatically. Analysts then double check the values and add values that could not be processed automatically using the touch screen to mark the area of the desired value. An advanced optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm transforms the marked area into a processable format.

Before values are stored an automated check of validity is done - going far beyond type, minima and maxima but checking historical changes and relationships between values with a self-learning data-mining algorithm.

With a relentless effort we are reducing manual interaction to guarantee highest data quality with unparalleled processing speed.


Surpassing traditional thinking of testing data by double-checking it, we ask ourselves why do mistakes at all?

Of course checking data is still necessary and being done but so is the implementation of mechanism to reduce errors to begin with. Radar or S-400 are examples of improving processes so that errors are reduced.

In addition to these constant improvements, we are continuously educating our financial analysts and over the last 13 years we have created true specialists in this area.

The impact of enhancements will only matter, if the found errors are analyzed thoroughly and classified. As usual, we are happy to share insights to that with our clients.


Data management is not only about extracting data efficiently and without errors but also offering it in a convenient and fast way. The vast amount of data and frequent changes over the past years suggested a switch away from traditional SQL databases towards ultra-fast big data solutions.

At SCDM we have developed a big data storage solution - codename Rocky Mountain Elk - as a service oriented architecture, responding to any kind of request below one second return time. That includes complicated queries over trillions of records.

This is only possible through incorporating big data solutions that scale horizontally and allow for distributed computing.


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