ABSGate® and Cascade® are together the most advanced analytical platform for investors in Structured Credit.

The exceptional versatility in combination with countless built-in features makes ABSGate® delivers superior analytical possibilities.


With ABSGate® you have 100% coverage of all your transactions, including bespoke transactions.

Only through having a full coverage, features like overall exposure to certain names or weighted average spread of the portfolio can be calculated meaningfully.


While we are relentless in our effort to process any kind of data for you, we understand that there might already be data in our client's domain that adds value when mixed & matched with ABSGate® data.

Such examples include dealer/ broker marks for tranches, loan prices, internal ratings or any other kind of information. We are happy to add that data for our clients in a separate container guaranteeing that only the reporting client will have access to this data.


SCDM is known for its tailor-made services and focus on client needs. As a result, every client is able to get its own customized output online as well as a downloadable report.

Views can be created directly within ABSGate® and shared among other users within the mandate. Data presented within these views can also be downloaded as Excel or CSV file.

In addition, we are happy to create report templates at request of our users. We are supporting any kind of format on deal or portfolio level. Examples include PowerPoint reports on certain transactions for presentation pitches or regulatory reports to fulfill AIFM or other needs.


Please feel free to  contact us for more information or a demonstration.