ABSBridge® is the most comprehensive, transparent and independent - market driven analytical platform for investors in the Structured Credit market.


ABSBridge® is currently focusing on Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) while covering over 95% of all outstanding CLOs including almost 100% of all CLO 2.0 transactions.

ABSBridge® offers the most complete set of data fields, reporting them as named in the respective reports but also categorizing them for discovering relative value. Through our unique data management technology, ABSBridge® is linking the shown values directly to the exact position in the source.

We are relentless in our effort to add new data sources to ABSBridge®. By matching collateral data on loan level using limpidcredits.com as independent source, we achieve to add client's received dealer/ broker quotes, thus offering net asset value (NAV) and market value OC (Over-Collateralization) coverage calculation.

Through processing also trading information, ABSBridge® offers an unique insight to manager performance.


Add anonymous or known BWICS, sharing it with the vast community of Structured Credit investors using ABSBridge®.

We are further integrating BWICS from third party sources, offering unparalleled insight for buyers.


All data can be downloaded directly or accessed through our application programming interface (API) for further processing or integration with in-house systems.

In addition we are offering a OpenOffice/LibreOffice as well as Microsoft Excel plugin to easily extract data.


Please feel free to  contact us for more information or a demonstration.